The Most Advanced Workstation Sink Designs in the Industry!
Signature Series, NexGen™, Evolution and Paragon™

We are offering something no other sink manufacturer can offer you. Time!
We all realize there is no way to "make" time, but there are ways to save time. The more time saved, the more valuable the item is. There truly is nothing on earth more valuable than time. Think about it! My NexGen design is far more time efficient than my dual tier sink (with three patents) or virtually any other sink on the market. Based on client feedback, time savings per meal averages between 5 and 15 minutes. Let's take the low number and figure a family only makes 5 meals per week. That is a savings of 25 minutes per week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and you have saved almost 22 hours a year. If you take the average of 10 minutes savings per meal and figure only 7 meals a week, you are saving 70 minutes per week, and you have saved over 60 hours a year - year after year. What is your time worth? Do you have time to waste?

Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and the sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. Best yet, my new design allows for the drain grid to sit on the bottom of the sink in the same orientation simply by putting one end in the sink first while the other bypasses the ledge. The NexGen™ and Paragon™ designs are protected under U.S. Copyright and trademark laws and may not be reproduced!
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copper farm sink specifications Click to see the difference between all of our workstation sink designs. We have licensed the Evolution design to another company as we have a newer, more efficient design - Paragon.

interior of copper farm sink 60 inch under mount NexGen™ Harmony sink designed for two users, two drains - where one user is right and the other left handed.
If you invest in a typical sink, it will be obsolete the minute you install it! The Workstation Sink is the future of sink design - and the Signature Series and especially the NexGen™ and Paragon designs takes it to a new level of efficiency. Adjacent counter space for food prep is now unnecessary. Watch the videos below to see how this is done. You will use your countertop for setting down groceries and writing notes - that is all! What you may not know is that I designed and introduced the first sink brand with rear corner drains and interior steps for accessories well over a decade ago. Finally, many of the large sink manufacturers have been following my lead, offering similar designs to my original Signature Series. My NexGen™ and Paragondesigns are protected proprietary designs which puts us far ahead again.
Available as Under Mount, Top Mount and Farmhouse Apron styles.
Every sink I build is custom designed with you and for you! Your height, handedness, food prep style and other factors are considered in order to design a sink that will be efficient and ergonomically comfortable. The difference between one of my custom sinks and a typical sink is nothing short of amazing! Past clients tell me they save between 5 minutes to over 15 minutes every time a meal is prepared. Over the period of just a year, an entire week of time may be saved! NexGen™ and Paragon demonstration videos.
Watch the videos above to see our NexGen™ and my original Signature Series workstation sink designs.

Back when I went to kitchen design school, the cardinal rule was to make sure there was plenty of counter space on either side of the sink for food preparation. That old notion is now OBSOLETE! My workstation sinks take the place of counter space. All food prep is now done on the sink instead of adjacent to the sink. No more messy counter tops!

available in: Copper, Stainless, Rustic Stainless, Millennia Stainless - Apron, under mount or top mount and even our retrofit sinks.

NexGen™ - Invest wisely. The sink is the most used appliance in the home. The video, below left, shows a small portion of the precision tool and handwork required to bend just one of the four bends to create our exclusive NexGen™ ledge system.

So, what is the "NexGen™" workstation sink? It is the most advanced sink design allowing all of your food preparation to be accomplished on the sink while keeping your counters clean! No more cutting chicken on a cutting board next to the sink and having chicken "juice" running all over the counter top and possibly the floor. Everything is done within the confines of the sink! You will never use your counter tops for food preparation again. In fact, you will likely merely dust them from now on. Are you smiling yet? In fact, I have received more than one phone call from past customers saying "My husband actually does the dishes now!" How is that for foreplay? I know you are smiling now!

No more messy counter tops! Everything is done on the sink. Your new Signature Series Workstation sink will have 1/2" steps, 1 1/2" down from the top of the bowl that allow you to place various cutting boards and metal drain grids on the steps for food preparation. No more messy counter tops! This is a design I pioneered and many have copied with less than desirable results.

Please watch these short videos.

Don't be confused with the imitators and "Johnny Come Lately's". You may see sinks like our original Signature Series, but they are likely not engineered properly. It appears to me that the Kohler Stages sink, for example, put their step too high up in the bowl. When you place a cutting board on their step, it appears that the cutting board is board is level with the counter top, so when you run water over it, it will spill over on to the floor or counter. I have heard this complaint from customers who have had that sink and then invested in ours. Our inner step is calculated based on ergonomics. (I studied ergonomics while working as a kitchen designer.) The step is low enough so you can run water and keep the water inside the sink, but high enough so you can cut food at the proper height.

I have been working for many years to perfect the kitchen sink. Thanks to the feedback from many of you, as well as one forward thinking engineer (and past customer) I have put together the best sink design in the industry. Here are some of the design elements that are unique to our sinks. If you love to cook, this is your kitchen sink!

This recent email tells a great story of how this sink design is appreciated:
"The Rachiele copper sink workstation is an engineering marvel in our kitchen that has created what we call a "Wet Counter Area" -- namely, the sink with the grates.  These grates provide the ability to:
- wash, rinse and drain food
- rinse and drain prep tools and dishes
- fill measuring cups precisely with water while placed under the faucet on the grate
- fill any bottles or containers with liquids (e.g. transferring liquids, transferring soup to individual containers, etc.) where spills and drips are likely, and it all drips directly into the sink.
- work with any bowls or pots with liquids and all spills go directly into the sink,without having to place the item on the sink bottom
- cool down hot pots by placing them in the add-a-bowl with cold water, while still having a large sink area available for other activities
- fill the sinks without splashing by extending the Waterstone faucet nozzle to nearly the sink floor
... we find more ways to do our work each day more easily, thanks to the engineering of this sink.
And, the sink rewards you by drawing you 'pictures' each day in its surface!  What a delight! --- Sue G

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Allows for set-off space and even a dish rack on the left side, while having the ability to wash dishes on the side with the drain. Use the sink like a double bowl sink without the divider in the way.
Double bowl sinks became extinct with the invention of the dishwasher. There is an occasional need to soak veggies or other items. That is why I designed the Add-a-Bowl and strainer option. You can convert any of our Signature Series sinks to double bowl sinks and back in just seconds with the optional accessories. I promise, this sink will change your life!
1/2" step, 1 1/2" down from the front and rear of the sink. This step allows for many time-saving components such as: Cutting boards, a sponge caddy and a grid drain. The Signature Series option is available on copper and stainless apron front sinks, under mount and top mount sinks.
When you prepare poultry, you normally have a cutting board to the side of the sink - and the chicken juice generally runs off the cutting board on to the counter top (and maybe over your cabinetry). What a mess! Now, you can set the raw chicken on the copper grid, place a custom poly cutting board adjacent to it (inside the bowl on the step) and do all the food prep with no mess on the counter top. The feedback we have received has been nothing short of wonderful.
I am proud to put my name on these sinks. I sign every one that leaves here. Actually, I sign all sinks that leave here, but the Signature Series Sink is my original innovative design! I have recently designed the NexGen sink. I believe it to be the finest sink design anywhere.
It appears they may have copied my design and missed an important factor. (Kohler is regularly trolling my website for ideas). Their interior step for the cutting board is too high inside the sink. It appears impossible to me that you can run water over the cutting board without getting it all over the counter top. Our step is thoughtfully placed, taking ergonomics and other factors into consideration. Kohler always makes me smile when they copy my designs. LOL, The Galley sink potentially has the same issue.

Let me speak of the colander idea for a moment. Has this ever happened to you? You have a large pot of pasta on the cook top. You go to the sink to drain it and place the colander in the sink. You pour the water, but all the water does not evacuate the sink fast enough and the water begins to back up into the pasta? It has happened to me and it grossed me out - yuck. Just take the grid and turn it 90 degrees and place it in the bottom of the sink. Set the colander on the grid. The colander is now raised up - no more yuck!

Cool use ideas from our customers using their NexGen Workstation Kitchen Sinks!

  • Use the grid for thawing meats (Copper conducts heat better than the expensive aluminum meat thawing trays- no mess... everything drips into the sink!
  • Best yet, place the grid on the bottom of the sink. Use it to dry pots and pans. Wash on the right, set off on the left on the grid.
  • Place the grid on the bottom when you are using a colander so that water doesn't start backing up in the colander.
  • Place poultry, fish or meat on the grid, then cut on the poly cutting board and scoop into a bowl waiting below.
  • Carve your Thanksgiving turkey right on the cutting board over the sink. No mess!
  • Cut meat, fish and chicken on the poly cutting board. Everything drips into the sink - no mess.
  • The poly board fits nicely in the dishwasher after you have cut onions or poultry.
  • Wash your delicate stem ware and place on the grid instead of the counter top. No need for the towel on the counter, then drying by hand.
  • Hide your dirty dishes under the grid. Come on, you know you might do it...
  • Treat yourself to a spa day or two with all the time you have saved!

Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchens. We would love to see yours!