Custom Copper Bar or Prep Sinks 14 gauge pure copper

Every sink we build is custom. We do not stock sinks for one reason. Everyone has unique needs. Why fit a stock sink in your home when a custom sink will serve your needs much better? Schedule a personal phone discussion to design and price your sink here.

Custom Copper Countertops by Rachiele

curved copper countertop with patina

This is a custom copper curved bar top with a custom patina. It is approximately 102" long and 1 1/2" thick. We used 14 gauge cold rolled copper. The copper was returned 2 inches underneath the top.

This patina was a variation on our Weathered ll and Fire and Ice.

The photo to the left is a custom copper counter top with a stone vessel sink and wall mounted faucet. The design was by Tangible Dreams, Ltd. in Canada.

The photo below is of the copper countertop in my home. The top was installed in 2001. Still looks great. We did lacquer the top and it is in a low use area of the kitchen. I do not recommend lacquering a copper top in an area that will get significant traffic. In a normal wear and tear environment, I recommend that we weather the copper and NOT lacquer it. We have a product that we will send along to help keep the patina looking good. The maintenance should be quite low. Cost wise, a quality built copper top using 14 gauge hard copper will be more expensive than any granite or solid surface top. We can not quote, nor estimate, by the foot, as the amount of material waste as well as the amount of labor to weld varies so much on each project. All that being said, if you want to have an area in your home that is not a "me too" countertop, copper is the way to go.