A Rachiele® Copper Farmhouse Sink is Custom Hand-Crafted in Florida using 14 gauge American Copper.

We are offering something no other sink manufacturer can offer you. Time!
We all realize there is no way to "make" time, but there are ways to save time. The more time saved, the more valuable the item is. There truly is nothing on earth more valuable than time. Think about it! My NexGen design is far more time efficient than my dual tier sink (with three patents) or virtually any other sink on the market. Based on client feedback, time savings per meal averages between 5 and 15 minutes. Let's take the low number and figure a family only makes 5 meals per week. That is a savings of 25 minutes per week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and you have saved almost 22 hours a year. If you take the average of 10 minutes savings per meal and figure only 7 meals a week, you are saving 70 minutes per week, and you have saved over 60 hours a year - year after year. What is your time worth? Do you have time to waste?

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NexGen™ is the next generation in workstation sinks. Would you go out and buy a first generation cell phone today? Why consider a sink designed for the 20th century when you can invest in a sink designed for the future? Up until now, workstation sinks had a "step" that supported accessories. My design removes the step in favor of a ledge. The sink width remains the same at the bottom as the op. My innovation gives you an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design offers 34 additional square inches of space in a 36" sink allowing the drain or prep grid to sit on the ledge or the bottom. (I look much better in person!)

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"As an architect and interior designer I have specified Rachiele sinks over the years. When I finally had a chance to renovate my own kitchen, I called Dino. I am so in love with my sink. Dino worked with me to get the details just right. His personal attention is given to every project. I recommend Rachiele Custom Sinks without reservation. M Rene Clawson"

Pure copper isn't all the same...

We use only pure AMERICAN copper to make our sinks. In fact, the copper we use is so rare that there are only two places in the entire United States where it can be purchased. We go out of our way to use domestic copper that is cold rolled. If you are looking at other sources, ask them where their copper comes from and ask for a current proof of purity. I can offer certification papers for each batch of copper we receive showing the purity of the copper. We use only virgin cold rolled 14 gauge copper, which has a yield strength up to 8 times stronger than annealed recycled copper used by just about everyone else. Why does that matter to you? Well, you hear about 16 gauge, 14 gauge and even 12 gauge copper sinks. If the sink is imported, you can bet the copper is annealed soft copper. We use virgin cold rolled hard copper so that your copper sink will be tough enough to have a lifetime transferable warranty. We could not give a long warranty on an annealed copper sink. I would constantly worry about the integrity after a disposer was in use for many years. There is one company out there that claims there is no difference between cold rolled copper and their annealed copper. Sadly, that is a claim far from the truth. You can Google the question and find out for yourself.

This is a quote from Copper.org: "If scrap (copper) is mixed, contaminated or includes other materials such as solder then, when remelted, it will be more difficult to adjust the composition within the limits of a chosen specification. Where lead or tin have been included, but no harmful impurities, it is usually possible to adjust composition by the addition of more lead or tin to make leaded bronzes. For some scrap contaminated with undesirable impurities it is sometimes possible to dilute it when melting so that the impurity level comes within an acceptable specification. All these techniques retain much of the value of the scrap." There are many import companies that claim their copper is free of impurities. One such company claims: "When the metal is melted down any impurities are removed." Clearly that company is misinformed.
What you should know about copper sinks... watch the video below.

I call this the HOAX that has been perpetrated on the public.

This is what you should consider when a company says they use recycled copper. First of all, 98% of all the copper sinks you will see in stores and Online are imported. If the company of origin is Mexico, India, China, Turkey, etc., how the heck do they come up with purity percentages? It is inherent in all recycled copper that the purity level changes from batch to batch. Some companies gleefully show scrap copper pipes, etc. being melted down in order to make their sinks. Do you really think those companies really have independent testing of each batch of copper? Think about it for a minute. If they are going to make those outrageous claims, have them prove it. Have them email you independent certifications papers on the most recent batch. I have been watching these claims go unchallenged for almost two decades. I can show you independent certification of every shipment of copper I receive and am glad to send you a copy if requested. So what can commonly be found in recycled copper if it is not purified properly? Lead, Mercury and Arsenic.

Check out our copper farm sink. The design is quite different than all others... Scroll through photos by dragging your mouse over the photos right to left.

Copper sinks: The truth behind the misleading information Online.

Wonder why we hardly sell double bowl sinks?

Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchen showing off their copper farm sink. We would love to see yours!

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