Copper Sinks: Copper Sink Pro's and Con's

Copper Sink Pro's and Con's. Copper sinks reviewed!

There are quite a few things that you should look into before investing in a copper sink. The first thing you should consider is whether you are just buying a sink or are you investing in a sink work area. I am fairly confident there are no other sink companies with the ability to design a sink to solve a problem like this one...see more

First, make sure you have time to do some research. If you are in a hurry, don't buy a copper sink! I wish every copper sink vendor would offer clear and accurate information about their sinks. The following list is what is generally difficult or impossible to find on most copper sink websites. Check out the far right video to see how fast copper will thaw food.

The following list is what is generally difficult or impossible to find on most copper sink websites.

1. Where are the copper sinks manufactured?
2. Does the Online company own the copper sink factory?
3. Can the company provide an outside source to prove the purity of the copper?
4. Can the company guarantee the size sink you are ordering?
5. What is the Use and Care of their copper sinks?
6. What is the warranty on the copper sink?
7. Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
8. Is there any coating on the inside of the copper sink?
9. How is the finish accomplished on the inside of the copper sink?
10. Are they using cold rolled or annealed copper (see video)

If everyone else did what they are supposed to do, my website would be half the size it it is. I will briefly answer the above questions.

1. My copper sinks are manufactured in Apopka, Florida
2. I own the factory
3. I can provide certification of purity for every delivery of copper received
4. I guarantee the size of each copper sink
5. Use and care is simple. Rinse after use, wash with ordinary dish soap!
6. Lifetime Transferable Warranty
7. If, for any reason, you are not THRILLED with the quality of our sink, I will (1) promptly and fully refund your money, (2) pay for the return shipping cost and (3) send you a check for $100, in recognition of the inconvenience experienced. I want you to be THRILLED. We leave mere customer "satisfaction" to the competition. No other company on the planet has such a guarantee!
8. No coating on the inside of our copper sinks.
9. We simply age the interiors of our copper sinks with household vinegar. Nothing else.

Now that you have done your homework, you will find there are only a couple of Con's and many Pro's of owning a copper sink. Check this video out for example. It compares our sink to a common Mexican import.

First, the Con's.

1. They are expensive if you get one that is easy to care for.
2. The inside look of the sink will never be uniform.

If you are looking for a uniform patina, simply do not order a copper sink from anyone.

Now the Pro's

1. My copper sinks are easy to care for
2. My copper sinks will heal over scratches and scrapes
3. My copper sinks will not easily dent (you have to try hard!)
4. My copper sinks have rear corner drains for ease of use
5. My copper sinks offer interior ledges for food preparation
6. My copper sinks are safe around food
7. My copper sinks are simply just fun!

We have well over 120 Five Star reviews on and that number grows frequently. We are proud to say that every single customer we have ever had is happy with their purchase. Our sales go back to late 1998!

This short video shows why we do not have to use sound deadening with our copper sinks.

If you would like an in depth video that talks about all of the frequently asked questions we have received, this is the video for you! Get the popcorn, it's a long one!