Warranty, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, Use and Care, Terms of Service and Shipping Policy


MY EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE - You will be thrilled!

Upon delivery and subsequent inspection, if for any reason, you are not THRILLED with the quality of my sink, I will (1) promptly and fully refund your money, (2) pay for the return shipping cost and (3) send you a check for $100, in recognition of the inconvenience experienced. I want you to be THRILLED. We leave mere customer "satisfaction" to the competition. No other company on the planet has such a guarantee!

LIFETIME LIMITED TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY (Most offer either a year warranty or some just warranty their sinks until delivery!)

Rachiele offers a lifetime limited transferable warranty on all Rachiele sinks*. The warranty is limited to defects in workmanship. We will repair or replace any sink shown to be defective and will pay for all shipping. We do not believe the warranty should ever expire on a quality luxury product that has no moving parts!. Did you notice? No disclaimers. You don't have to dry your sink after each use, nor do you have to wax your sink regularly.

  • Your sink will drain properly
  • Your sink is lead, mercury and arsenic free
  • Your sink will be true and square
  • Your sink will be within 1/16" or less of all dimensions
  • Your sink will be made of domestic metal

*Apron front finishes: Please note that any top-coat can be potentially scratched, just like a car finish can be scratched. Neither a car finish, nor our top coat is warranted against scratches. (If you were to scratch your brand new car on day one, it would not be under warranty). Our topcoat is very durable. We have only had a handful of sinks since 1999 that have been accidentally scratched by contractors, or by a homeowner. The bulk of the scratches have been caused by workers with tool belts or users with faucets with an inadequate reach causing the user to constantly lead on the apron. The good news is... our aprons are repairable. If you get an accidental scratch, just let us know and we tell you how it can be easily repaired. An important note: If you order a faucet that forces you to lean against the apron when you use the sink, your faucet is likely not ergonomically correct for you. A proper faucet length should reach far enough to allow you to work at the sink and not have to lean against the apron. Constant rubbing against the apron will undoubtedly remove some of the top coat over time. Constant rubbing on any finish will remove any finish. Lastly, since copper expands when warm and contracts with cold, the sinks should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. For instance; if you live in a cold climate, do not store your sink in a cold garage. If you live in a warm climate, the same applies. If the finish on the apron is shown to be defective, we will remedy the problem under warranty for a minimum of 3 years. A defective finish is generally pealing not due to impact or scratches.


This warranty shall not apply to any damage or product failure that is caused by any condition beyond Rachiele LLC' s control, including, but not limited to, misuse, neglect, accidental damage, improper installation or application, alteration, acts of God, or normal wear and tear. Rachiele LLC shall not be liable for any costs of removal or installation.

If you still are confused about where you should buy your sink, consider this: Where else can you buy a custom sink and reach the owner at home evenings and weekends? My business number is always forwarded to my cell when I am not in the office. My cell number is also posted on the "contact us" page of our site as the alternative number.

Poly Cutting boards: Due to the fact that we cannot monitor the use and care of cutting boards, we do not offer a warranty on them beyond 30 days. The poly boards are dishwasher safe on both the top and bottom shelf.

Drains and Disposal Flange Assemblies: We are not the manufacturer of the solid copper drains and disposal assemblies. The manufacturer offers a warranty that ends with the installation. We, as a courtesy however, extend the warranty on the fixed portion (installed in the sink permanently) for life. The removable parts have a one year warranty. We offer replacements at a highly subsidized price.

Waterstone: We defer to the Waterstone warranty listed on their website. www.waterstoneco.com


Copper Sink Care Maintenance and Use and Care:

For regular maintenance, simply rinse the sink after each use and wash the interior of the sink with your dish soap to keep clean. Metal pots and pans can leave dark marks that will go away by themselves. You cannot damage the interior of my sink with normal use. Scratches will vanish in days as you use the sink. Marks left by food sitting in the sink will also vanish. The video below to the right explains what to do if UPS drops your crate the sink has a bow in the sink. The fix is easy! Read more about the use and care here.

Stainless Steel Sink Use and Care: All regular cleaning can be accomplished with any dish soap.

Brushed Stainless sinks require much more care and maintenance. Brushed Stainless sinks show water spots and scratches quite easily. To deep clean your sink, we recommend using Bar Keepers Friend. That product is slightly abrasive, so clean in the direction of the grain. (Do not use on Copper Sinks)

Hand Finished Stainless sinks require far less maintenance (especially if hammered). The hand finished random pattern allows you to diminish scuffs and scratches using a Red Scotch Brite Pad (usable sample sent with each sink). Use Barkeepers Friend for general deep cleaning - apply in a random pattern. When using the Scotch Brite Pad, again - use a random pattern.

Millennia Stainless is the easiest to care for. Simply deep clean with dish soap or Bar Keepers Friend. Apply in the direction of the pattern.

NOTE: ALL stainless steel sink manufacturers indicate undiluted bleach should not be used in stainless steel sinks. That is not the case with our 316L stainless. The Marine/Medical Grade stainless we use is much more corrosion resistant than the type 304 used by most, if not all, other sink manufacturers.

I highly recommend using the Bayes Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant. It helps to reduce the appearance of water spots and finger prints. It is completely food safe as well. You may order it here.

Wood cutting board care:

Due to the fact that we cannot monitor the use and care of cutting boards, we do not offer a warranty on them beyond 30 days. Wash with soap and water and dry immediately after use. Use both sides regularly. Using only one side will cause warping and cracking. Rub with food grade mineral oil 2-3 times per month NEVER place in dishwasher.

Additional Information:

Do not confuse the ease of maintenance of our sinks with other copper sinks on the market. We regularly receive emails and phone calls from people who have purchased other brands of copper sinks with finish issues which are next to impossible to repair. Our kitchen sinks have NO lacquer or artificial patina on the inside of the sink. This is one of the most important differences between our sinks and others on the market. The interiors of our sinks are aged simply by using household vinegar to accelerate the natural patination process. A copper sink interior should look like the color of an old penny. Any other coloration is an unnatural coloration and can be a problem to care for.

Shipping Information - Important!: UPS

UPS Our exclusive shipping choice is UPS. We have found UPS to be the most reliable carrier and the customer service we receive is excellent. (Especially from Joyce Clark) If you have to return an Item for any reason, we insist you send it via UPS. If you have a time frame that you cannot accept delivery, please tell us at the time of ordering. If we have to reschedule delivery after the UPS ticket is made out, UPS charges a fee. We will have to charge you $15 per box to either re-route or delay a delivery.

Click here to see what to do if your sink is damaged by UPS.

Generally, sinks larger than 18" are packed in custom made plywood boxes with a minimum 2" of foam surrounding the sink. In the unlikely event of shipping damage... Please open the sink package as soon as it arrives. DO NOT DISCARD ANY SHIPPING MATERIALS. Inspect the sink carefully for damage. Seemingly flawless packaging does not denote a perfect product. Boxes rarely appear damaged when there is internal damage. Place the sink upside down on a flat surface and insure that it is lying relatively flat. If the sink is not truly square in shape or level, call us at once. Occasionally, sink boxes may get caught in the carrier's conveyors and put extreme pressure on portions of the box. We are fully insured for any such occurrence. Please do not wait until the day of installation to examine your sink. Delays can drastically reduce our options with regard to damage claims. Keep in mind, most large copper sinks may bow slightly on the long sides of the bowl. This happens when the crate is dropped on end during shipping. This is a fairly common occurrence that can be remedied easily on your end. Click on the link above. Feel free to call me if this occurs and I will walk you through the fix process. Every sink that leaves here has a ShockWatch monitor on it that may indicate rough handling. The condition of the crate is no indicator of rough handling.

Return Policy:

Note: All returns must be sent via UPS.

Non custom sinks (most of our sinks are custom sinks)- may be returned with a 15% restocking fee plus the cost the removal of the patina if it is an apron front sink. That cost is $250. Customer must pay original outbound shipping. If there was free or discounted shipping, customer must pay the Standard UPS rate for regular outbound shipping at the time of return. Customer must pay for return shipping and insurance. If the crate cannot be reused, there will be a fee of $150 for the cost of a new crate in addition to the above costs.

Custom sinks may not be returned. Once you approve your order, there is a high likelihood that your order will begin production within hours. Please call to discuss options. I am a nice guy. I will be as empathetic as possible to your situation.

Faucets: Some commonly ordered faucets may be returned (at your cost) with a 15% restocking fee plus our original cost of outbound shipping. The faucet must be able to be re-sold as new (including the condition of the box)! Non common faucets will receive a restock fee up to 35% - as that is the standard return policy from Waterstone. The only finishes that may be commonly ordered are satin nickel and American Bronze.

Drains or Disposal Flanges: These items have a 12% restock fee plus the cost of our outgoing original shipping. You must return by UPS.

Copper Diffuser Plates and other items: Unused, there will be a 12% restock fee plus the cost of our outgoing original shipping. You must return by UPS. Must be in original packaging and have the ability to be sold as new.