The Best Designed Corner Kitchen Sink in the entire industry

Looking for a well designed single bowl corner kitchen sink? You can stop looking!

My Trademark Design, single bowl corner sink and my Signature Series and NexGen™ Workstation designs are easily the more effective and productive corner sinks for any kitchen with a corner sink design.

Please note: my corner sink design is a very complicated sink to build, but our expert metal artisans are up to the challenge! That being said, if you have a corner sink design, this is truly a wonderful solution. Think about the alternatives - they are quite poor. The standard corner sink designs on the market are horrible. You will be working in this sink for many years, so consider investing in something that is custom made to work for your situation. You cannot buy time, right? You can save time though! My sink design will save hours of time every month. What will you do with the extra time? NOTE: We offer these designs in Marine/Medical Grante 316L Stainless Steel and pure Domestic Copper. See Stainless Corner Sinks

If you would like a Diagonal Corner Apron Front Sink that gives you a significant amount of sink space and workability, set up a personal phone appointment with me and II will design one for you and price it for you as well. My patented design allows for this to work with ease.
This one had a 23 1/4" long apron and a 29" long bowl. It is our NexGen series, offering the ability to place the grid on the ledge or on the bottom. All food prep can be accomplished on the sink. No messy counters!
copper diagonal corner sink This sink is fitting in a large diagonal corner cabinet, offering a great deal of workable space on the sink.
copper single bowl corner workstation sink Signature Series copper corner workstation sink showing our copper drain grid and black butcher grade cutting board.
copper single bowl corner workstation sink A very efficient sink for a diagonal sink cabinet.

Copper Corner Kitchen Sinks that Make Sense (Scroll photos to right to see all)

Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchens. We would love to see yours!

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