Custom Workatation Sinks in Bronze and Brass.

Unparalleled Luxury. Striving for perfection, settling for excellence.

Note: Due to the ridiculous current price of bronze, we are not offering bronze at this time. I refuse to pay more than double what it should be, while all other metals are dropping in price. We have enough in stock for one to two more sinks.

Back in 2019 I searched the Internet and could not find one Unlacquered Brass Workstation kitchen sink. I thought we should fill that void! Unlacquered Brass sinks are stunning to see in person. Those who have seen our photos and then had a chance to see the sinks in person have indicated the photos do not do these sinks justice. Fast forward to November 2020, we were producing Bronze sinks. The Bronze alloy we selected is very rare and very stunning to see. We burnish the interior for a beautiful and functional appearance, and in the raw state literally looks like 14k gold! This is the first bronze sink in use. It is in our home. I like to test new metals before I offer them to the public. Trust me, I did my best to abuse the interior of the sink. I wanted to be able to offer realistic comments on the use and care of these gorgeous sinks. We also did an experiment on the apron of the sink. We polished it and top coated it. It truly looks like 24k gold when polished.
bronze custom farm  workstation sink Burnished Bronze NexGen™ workstation sink after months of use. We have found the bronze to be particularly easy to care for!
This is a very unique alloy of bronze. It is 90% copper and 10% zinc. It is rarely used in sheet form as we order it. Often, luxury hotels will select this alloy for their handrails or other trim areas to give the appearance of gold, rather than brass. The bowl and accessories are burnished. As I used the sink, it became more and more beautiful and quite easy to care for. These sinks are truly at the top of the Luxury scale. After many months of use, I am growing extremely fond of the final outcome of the burnished finish in our bronze sink. I have to admit,I am now feeling that this could be a nice alternative to brass, as it has a warmer look when burnished than brass has. Brass has a greenish tint and the bronze does not.
We have been experimenting with Brass for quite a while now and we have perfected the process. We have discovered that Brass and Bronze are much more difficult to weld and finish than copper or stainless. Thankfully, we have a team up to the challenge. All inside vertical corners will recieve our proprietary MicroWelded corners.
unlacquered burnished brass kitchen sink made in the usa Burnished Brass workstation sink with black butcher grade cutting board and sponge caddy.
unlacquered burnished brass kitchen sink made in the usa Unlacquered brass corner Signature Series sink. Client wanted no burnishing. They wanted the sink to age in place.
unlacquered burnished brass kitchen sink made in the usa Burnished Bronze flange overlaying a copper undermount sink with Waterstone 9750 suite in Classic Bronze
Custom Bronze or Brass Undermount Sink
Starting at: $2,886.80
Metal Choice:
Length Range:
18 inch width:
Workstation Options:
Hand Hammering - checked ( Add $390.00 )
Professional Cutting Board:
Multi-purpose grid:
Sponge Caddy:
Drain or Disposal flange:
Color matched caulk:
Crating and Shipping:
bronze dual tier workstation farm sink made in the usa. Burnished Bronze Paragon™ farm sink. The ultimate in luxury! Weathered ll Patina.
bronze dual tier workstation farm sink made in the usa. Burnished Bronze NexGen™ farm sink. Weathered ll Patina. NexGen workstation
unlacquered burnished brass kitchen sink made in the usa Custom Rustic patina on brass.
Build Your Custom Brass or
Bronze Farmhouse Sink, from 24" to 72"
Starting at: $4,286.80
Metal Choice:
Sink Length:
Apron Patina Choice:
18 inch width:
Workstation Option
must select for accessory use:
Butcher grade cutting board:
Multi-purpose grid:
Sponge Caddy:
Drain or Flange:
Color Matched Caulk, 5.5 Ounces:
Crating and Shipping:
We can and should burnish (or age) the interior of your brass or bronze sink. Attempting to keep the sink polished will be a very high maintenance choice. We highly suggest having us burnish the bowl. We can also create artistic (Custom-Rustic) patinas on the apron portion of these sinks. The artistic (custom) patina will have a tough clear topcoat to protect the patina. Due to the size limitations of the domestic material, some sink designs will not be possible.
Since we are limited to metal sheet size, pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the size and type of sink. The above pricing guides should be accurate for most sinks. Schedule a personal phone discussion to design and price your sink here. You will be working with me directly (Dino Rachiele) throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.
The Brass and especially the Bronze sinks are fairly easy to care for, nearly impossible to dent and offer a luxury look that is unparalleled. Pair our Brass Sink with a Waterstone Unlacquered Brass Faucet for a unique and rustic, while elegant, look.
Bronze and Brass Samples
Bronze Burnished - Sample ($25.00 )
Brass Burnished - Sample ($25.00 )


Unlacqured Brass kitchen Sink by Rachiele Custom Sinks, Unlacquered brass kitchen faucet by Waterstone Lightly burnished brass sink.
bronze workstation sinks custom made in the USA by Rachiele Custom Burnished Bronze undermount workstation sink. Bronze has a warm tone, showing less of the green tint that brass displays.
Unlacquered brass kitchen farm sink by rachiele Unlacquered Brass NexGen™ workstation farmhouse sink prior to burnishing the interior.
Custom Bronze drop in workstation sink Custom Burnished Brass flush mount NexGen™ workstation sink with integral backsplash.
Custom Bronze drop in workstation sink Above sink installed.
what a brass sink looks like after years of use This is a working sink in our showroom shown after we burnished the interior and have used the sink for a year.
bronze workstation custom kitchen sink This is our bronze NexGen™ sink showing the ability to hold a half sheet pan on the interior ledge. It also fits on the bottom in the same orientation.
brass farm sink workstation sink This is a burnished brass apron front farm sink in our Signature Series workstation design.
brass farm sink workstation sink Burnished bronze drop-in Paragon™ tri-level workstation sink that we shipped to a client in Japan in early 2022.