Custom Copper, Stainless and Brass Hoods and Hood Bands

I am concentrating on exclusively designing and manufacturing custom sinks these days. There are so many nuances in sink design that I am constantly improving that I have discontinued offering custom hoods. Sink design has always been my passion and I do not want to dilute my efforts by expanding into a totally different market. There are many new laws in different States that require constant research into ventilation codes. There are local and State codes for "make up" air requirements and other nuances that I do not care to keep up with. Sadly, there are many companies selling hoods that may not pass local code requirements and it is late in the game to find that out when you are ready for a final inspection. This is the reason I am recommending Art Of Range Hoods for my valued customers. Range Hoods are their specialty.

The sink and hood you see to the left is a collaboration between Rachiele® and Art of Range Hoods insuring the sink and hood coordinate nicely in the kitchen. Further down the page are some of the hoods we have done in the past. We are currently referring our clients looking for hoods to Art of Range Hoods in Vancouver Washington. This is a father/son team that has many years of copper and stainless experience. Those of you who know me are aware that I rarely refer or endorse other companies because they generally fail to live up to my high standards. Max, at Art of Rain, has always made my customers feel well taken care of and I always hear back that they are thrilled with his work, follow up, and easy going personality. This is a company we have been working with for some time now and I know you will be happy with the quality and the value. We collaborate with Art of Range Hoods on patina finishes and our mutual customers have been thrilled with the results. We are still offering hood bands in copper. The copper hood bands that you will see on this page range in price from about $500 to about $1200 (depending on patina and size). Please call or email for information. 407-880-6903

"Dino, I am writing to sincerely thank you for referring my husband and I to Max at Art of Range Hoods in Washington for our copper range hood. Initially, I was a little concerned because of his distant location to us although you assured me not to be concerned. You were correct and my concerns were totally unfounded!!! Max was a pleasure to work with. The order could not have gone more smoothly. We received our range hood this week and it is truly a work of art. It is beautiful beyond our expectations. I highly recommend you continue to send your customers to Max for their range hoods (provided they are not buying from you!) We have struck up a relationship with him and hope to visit him in Washington on a future trip. I wanted to let you know how pleased we are and to thank you again. P.S. Our sink should be arriving on Tuesday next week. We are anxious. The photo you sent looks awesome! Sue"

  • decorative copper hood band
  • decorative copper hood band on ornate hood
  • ornate kitchen with copper hood and countertop
  • copper hood inserts
  • rustic patina on copper hood band
  • copper door panels below copper farmhouse sink
  • custom stainless hood hammered straps
  • copper wrap around hood
  • custom two toned stainless hood
  • custom copper hood with flaired ends