Drop In Replacement Copper Sinks: Top Mount - Consider a Custom Superior Design for your new kitchen sink.

The most common request we receive is as follows:

"I have an existing double or triple bowl sink that I hate. Is it possible to replace my sink without changing out my countertops?" The answer is YES! Most "off the shelf sinks are 33"X22, 43"X22 or 48"X22. That being said, we can replace all sink sizes. We replace at least three sinks a week and have been doing so since 1999. The results are stunning! If you would like to see how I designed a sink to solve a cracked granite countertop... See More in depth information
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There are two solutions. The most cost effective solution is to replace the existing sink with a custom self rimming (top mount) sink. By the way, I can likely have someone in your area that can do the granite cutting necessary! Read why Rachiele® Sinks are so easy to care for.

Wait... Before you say NO WAY am I going to have a Top Mount Sink! (I know you already said it) Think about why you say that... Most commonly people feel drop in sinks are ugly or look cheaply made - well take a look... this is not an ugly sink. Secondly, most people say it is difficult to wipe from the counter into the sink. It is... however, that will not happen with my workstation sink design. All of the food preparation is done inside the confines of the sink. You should NEVER have to wipe into the sink again! My sink design saves you time, and we all know it is impossible to "make time", so a significant time savings should be valuable to you. This is not simply a replacement sink, it is a time-saving sink design.

I have had customers select a this type of installation for their new sink in new construction for two reasons. 1. They like more of the copper showing. 2. There is no way to chip the edge of the granite around the sink. If you have an under mount sink, check the edge around your sink. There is a good chance there are chips!

Take a look at the before and after photos to the left.This project took just a few hours from removing the sink to installing the new sink. I have found that most people object to a drop-in sink until they hear the benefits of my design. The interior ledges of our workstation sink allow all food preparation to be done within the confines of the sink. You will never have to wipe anything from the counter top to the sink. This handsome design spells luxury - unlike the typical top mount home center sink.

The second option is for us to build a custom under mount sink in the shape of your existing opening. That option is very expensive and frankly, is no where near as functional to use as our rectangular workstation sink. I can only build a duplicate sink in copper... and think of this, you will be spending good money to duplicate an outdated sink! That's like spending $1500 to purchase a flip phone.

The drop in copper sink and Waterstone Faucet suite to the left is in our showroom in Apopka, FL. If you are ever in the Central Florida area, feel free to visit our showroom and factory.

We are a very Exclusive Authorized Waterstone Dealer. There are only a handful in the country.
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Below find the email that came along with the "after" photos: By the way, the cost of cutting the granite on site was only about $200 according to Dave.

"Dino, Soon after we built our house we realized that the kitchen sink design was flawed. We had an under-mounted double bowl stainless sink. The smaller bowl contained the disposal and was the primary working site. It was totally inadequate. It could barely accommodate a plate much less a pan or pot. So began the search for a replacement. Over the course of the next 6 years we exhaustively searched for a solution. We discussed trying to create a custom single bowl stainless to fit the exact template of the double bowl but no stainless manufacture was willing to guarantee a reasonable fit. The original manufacturer did not have a pre-fabricated single bowl under-mount that would exactly fit the granite cut out. The only option we were left with was to remove and replace the entire granite counter top which was unthinkable.

Well that was until we stumbled across Dino's website. I couldn't believe what I was reading. A real solution to our problem. He could fabricate a sink to our specifications. And ever better it could be made of beautiful copper. And we would not have to replace our granite counter tops. I was elated. Needless to say it sounded to good to be true. I figured it was one of those internet scams. I would send money and be left looking like an idiot with nothing to show for the money I spent aside from embarrassment. But the more I investigated his site the less weary I became. I finally took the plunge and picked up the phone to make the call from the Midwest to the East coast and see if it was the real deal.

From that point forward it was nothing but shear excitement. Dino was the consummate professional. It was obvious he knew what he was talking about. I sent him some pictures and from there he guided me through the process. He directed me to get specific measurements and in no time he created a proposal and bid. It far exceeded our expectations.

Dino constantly checked in with us. He gave me his email and cell phone number. He helped us decide on faucets and accessories. He finished manufacturing our sink ahead of schedule. We received the faucets ahead of schedule. He packed the sink so securely that I really don't think it could have been damaged. After that, the granite guy's arrived and removed the old sink, cut out the new template and installed our enormous beautiful copper sink. Next the plumber came in and finished the install and we were only without a sink for a day!

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As for the finished product. See for yourself. Absolutely gorgeous!! We are very grateful for your wonderful products and service Dino. Sincerely, Dave and Missy"
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Our customers often send photos of their finished kitchens. Some of these installations were top mount or drop in copper farm sinks! We have a solution that allows you to install a farm sink in your current kitchen without replacing countertops and without cutting your cabinetry at all! see our drop in farm sink retrofit