Dual Tier and Tri-level Workstation Sinks - the only and the original. 3 US patents.

Seeing double? We are proud to introduce the new Harmony™ sink collection from Rachiele™. For as long as we have built entirely custom sinks, we have based our designs on being as efficient and ergonomically comfortable as possible for each user. We have encountered many couples and families throughout the years where one user is right handed and the other is left. In these instances, the drain placement has been dictated by whoever claimed to use the sink most, leaving the other simply having to adapt to unnatural motions. Thanks to our amazing team, our lead welder, Norman, and shop foreman, Jon, came up with a design that allows both left and right handed people to work simultaneously in one single bowl. The Harmony sink design is the first of its kind, providing two spacious working areas, without the limitations of a divider, and maintaining full workstation capabilities. No more catering to only half of a partnership in the kitchen. Be the dynamic duo you've dreamed of! Most of these workstation dual drain sinks are 5 and 6 feet long to be useful. 5 and 6 foot long sinks deserve two drains in cases where two will work at the sink at the same time!

Our Mission... personalized custom sinks designed to save you time and make you happy!
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  • The Evolution™ Sink by Rachiele® has been granted three patents: D700,300 and D700,301 and D702334
    "Congratulations; Evolution Copper Sink has been recognized by Design Journal and Archinterious as one of the best products of 2014."

    Our customer service has been recognized by Houzz.com. We are blessed with well over 145 Five star reviews on Houzz and over 120 five star reviews on Google.

From the company that introduced the very first workstation sinks to the industry, we introduce the Tri-level Paragon™ Workstation Custom Sink. We are truly purveyors of time and joy.

Our Paragon, design is the most advanced dual tier, tri-level workstation sink in the world. Work on three levels. Half sheet pans can fit on top tier and on the bottom in the same orientation! Try that in any other sink on the market. Save up to a week every year compared to traditional sinks.
It is now possible to have two tiers without losing any bowl space below the tiers. No other dual tier sink is remotely as large. Our new design adds a whopping 92 additional square inches of usable space in a 48" sink compared to others on the market. Just to give you perspective, that is equivalent to a full size sheet of paper (8 1/2" by 11") The NexGen™ and Paragon™ designs are protected under U.S. Copyright and trademark laws and may not be reproduced! The Paragon™ design is best suited for sinks 54" to 72", however a 48" sink has some merit. We currently have our prototype stainless Harmony 72" sink available for fast shipping! See it here
two tier workstation sink by rachiele NexGen™ and Paragon™ are original and copyrighted protected designs and may not be reproduced without written permission.

Franke PKX11028 Stainless Sink This is a relatively new installation of a Galley sink showing how their top tier is problematic. The caulk is already degrading and the top tier (flange) collects grime.


two tier workstation sink by rachiele



The Galley sink is no more than our Signature Series sink with extended flanges to create the top tier.

Copper, Stainless, Bronze or Brass. Paragon™ is also available as a farmhouse sink, undermount or a drop in style.
Wouldn't it be nice to set a half sheet pan on your sink ledge? That options is now available on all workstation sinks.

I have put my 40 years of design experience into the formulation of my Evolution™ and Paragon™ Dual Tier Designs. I considered ergonomics, food preparation, clean up, serving and aesthetics. I truly believed this is was consummate kitchen sink - especially in an island setting. Well, my amazing assistant, Jessica, came to work one morning with a new idea that is a blend of my Evolution™ design and my NexGen™ designs. The architecture of the sink, is clearly perfection in design utility. The Evolution Sink (and now the Paragon™ Sink) is a sink for all occasions: Food prep, clean up, serving, and additional counter space. Today, the kitchen sink has finally evolved to attend to our current lifestyles. Our fast paced lifestyle deserves a kitchen sink that can do it all, quickly and efficiently. Do you have a small kitchen and think this sink is too large? Think again... This sink adds valuable counter height work space in your kitchen. There is no loss of space. You actually gain usable work space! The Paragon™ workstation sink can be the crown jewel in your home. Each sink is custom designed to suit the user based on many things including handedness, food prep style, entertainment style and height.

dual tier sink alternative to the galley sink Millennia textured stainless steel Paragon dual tier tri-level sink. This undermount sink is 54" long.

The other so called dual tier sinks are basically using our original Signature Series step design which is our least expensive option and nowhere near as functional as the Paragon™ design. The precision required for our custom designs is significant. Compare our interior corners to the others. Ask to see a close up photo. I highly doubt you will see their photo. From forming, to welding to finishing, this is a complicated design. Everything has to fit perfectly, and it will! Paragon™ is a time-consuming sink to build and finish, however the end result is worth it. If you make the selection for the 18" width to hold half sheet pans, the investment amount covers not only the extra width, but the custom sized accessory cost for whichever accessories you select.


dual tier stainless undermount sink with drainboard Paragon™ marine grade stainless dual tier (tri-level) undermount sink with integral drainboard.
dual tier custom sink for two levels of half sheet pans Dual tier 54" Paragon™ farmhouse stainless custom sink in our 316L Marine Grade Hand Finished Stainless. All of our sinks are custom designed with the end users to be as efficient as possible.
dual tier workstation stainless sink as seen on Houzz Our MicroWeld technique allows for the precision required to build a sink like this - offering amazingly easy cleaning in the corners!



This is a short video showing our hand finished stainless Paragon sink.

Three patents have been granted on my original dual tier design, Evolution™. Now the far superior Paragon™ sinks are available. There is a fairly long waiting period, so order early. If you love to cook and entertain (like I do) you will love this sink!

Don't be misled by other sinks offering similar designs. There really is no comparison with the Galley and my Paragon™ sink. The Galley sink (and others) are virtually the same design as my original single tiered Signature Series Sink (a design that preceded the Galley Sink). They simply made the flanges wider and exposed a portion of the flange as their top tier. I have never offered that option with my sinks because there is no way to keep water from sitting on that ledge unless you wipe the ledges down after every use. My 48" Paragon™ sink offers an additional 92 square inches of usable bowl space compared to the Galley Sink.

I do have to give the Galley Sink folks kudos though. Their brilliant presentations are stunning and their videos and photos are very nice. I don't have an advertising budget so don't expect to be dazzled. (Yes, I am a bit jealous) They also seem to have a wonderful reputation and a loyal following - always a good thing to hear.

Our new Paragon™ ™ design has three levels of use. These are the main reasons that distinguishes our designs from all other legally produced sinks on the market. One of my three patents shown below.

dual tier workstation farmhouse stainless sink better alternate to the galley sink


dual tier workstation retrofit copper farm sink Dual tier retrofit farmhouse sink. Paragon™ is the only true dual tier, tri-level, kitchen sink on the market with an option for 18" width at the top and the bottom of the bowl. Shown with Oil Rubbed Bronze patina.
60 inch single bowl workstation sink completely covered in cutting boards If you require more counter space, the butcher boards or the wood boards do a great job! This 60" sink is going to be quite the versatile appliance.

Thoughtful design is key. All too often sink designers fail the ergonomics or functional test. I see sinks with steps that are too high or too low, I see cool looking accessories that make no sense in real life use. Sinks should be designed for function, not photo shoots. Every sink at Rachiele is custom designed around the family that will use the sink. I often suggest fewer accessories than are shown in many of our videos, as they may look good in a photo or video, but perhaps are not appropriate for the use of that particular family. My goal is to offer the best quality and ergonomically designed sink on the market. The fact that a full 1/3rd of our customers are repeat and 99% of the balance are referred by our past customers indicates to us that we are reaching our mission of offering ergonomic and efficient sinks to our customers.

dual internal tier copper farm sink This is a photo Catriona sent a short while after installing her Evolution copper farmhouse sink. The faucet is a Waterstone 5500 in American Bronze.
double ledge copper farmhouse sink Hi Dino, This morning I'm cooking for a dinner party this evening, and I was just thinking how easy it all is with our wonderful Rachiele copper sink, and thought you'd like a snapshot. As you can see, it's messy - I've just made soup, oatcakes and pastry, picked rhubarb for a rhubarb custard tart, and the peonies just came out at long last - but there's room for everything. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much we dearly love our clever Dino sink. Thank you!!! Catriona

Precision production

Paragon™ sinks are individually handcrafted using precision tools. They are not mass produced. In fact, every sink design is customized to the user(s). The non drain side is shallower than the drain side; plus all portions of the sink are sloped to the drain. This guarantees proper evacuation of water (a common problem found with other large sinks). Every sink is tested for proper water evacuation before finishing. Each sink is signed by all metal workers and by Dino. Evolution has virtually been replaced by our new Paragon™ design. We have licensed the Evolution design to our friends at Ruvati. They are the only other company that can legally use a dual interior tier design.

Some of the Available Accessories: