Easy Care, Matte Hand-Finished 16 Gauge 316L Stainless Steel Sinks - Look like new generations from now! Surgical Grade Stainless Sinks. Invest in longevity and time savings. Our customers are happier and they are saving more time!

Looking for something that is easier to care for than typical stainless steel? Type 316L Surgical/Marine Grade Domestic Hand-Finished Stainless is the way to go. Are you dealing with pads on the bottom of your sink to protect it from scratches? I have a great solution.

Looking for a stainless sink that will look great forever? Looking for a kitchen sink made of zinc but you heard zinc is very soft? Well, you have just found both solutions. I have come up with a stainless that scratches and scuffs can be buffed out with a Scotchbrite Pad. Absolutely no need for a protective bottom grid in your sink that gets in the way.


I came up with an idea a many years ago. We purchase the stainless without a finish and we carefully hand-finish the stainless in a random pattern. This feature offers the ability to use the sink without protecting the bottom of the sink. Easy care and a sink to last generations.

Custom Stainless steel hammered 316L workstation sink Hand hammered NexGen™ 36 inch workstation sink.

Nothing about our stainless sink is similar! Our hand finishing is not quite as reflective as brushed stainless - however it is the exact same color. It will look great with your existing stainless appliances. You can order a sample online. Read about the benefits of 316L Stainless and order samples if you like! Click on the images below and hold while sliding to the left to see all photos. We use only domestic (made in the USA) 16 gauge 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. If you want the easiest care stainless sink, consider getting a hand hammered sink. You can easily make it look brand new in less than 2 minutes using the Scotch Brite Pad we send with the sink. No need for protective grids for the bottom of our Hand-Finished Stainless Sinks.

All of our hand finished stainless sinks will have two options for finishing the vertical corners. Standard is our proprietary Micro-Weld. Optional is our 1/8" Radius corner. This is something other custom shops do not, or cannot do. I have invested in sophisticated equipment and the finest craftsman to allow this type of premium work.

Did you know that stainless sink manufacturers, who are forthcoming, will mention that household bleach should never be used in a stainless sink? That is true with everything except what we use, 316L Marine/Medical grade stainless.

316L Marine/Surgical Grade Stainless is more expensive because it provides a higher corrosion resistance, especially against chlorides and chlorinated solutions. This makes stainless 316L more desirable in applications where salt exposure is an issue. In such applications, 316L stainless will last longer than 304, providing you with extra years of life and usage.
Next Genteration Workstation under mount stainless kitchen sinkOur hand finished stainless looks much like zinc.

This is just one example of the difference between a Rachiele® sink and most others. The retail price on this Franke Under Mount PKX11028 28 3/4" sink is $2399. What other "Luxury Brands" have passed off as first quality would be put in our scrap bin.
Most importantly, my sinks are custom designed with you and for you. The efficiency and comfort of a Rachiele® sink is unparalleled.