EWS Essential Max Flow Filter System

This filter is a game changer folks! Easily install a world class filter to the cold side of your main kitchen faucet. No need for a special secondary faucet for filtered water. Important: Do not use with a water softener system. This filter takes out particulate smaller than the salt molecules in the softened water. The softened water will clog this filter in a matter of days.

I invested in two of these for my home. I can say from personal experience, these filters do not reduce the water flow in my faucets. The filter is rated at a whopping 2.5 gallons per minute! I didn't believe it until I tried it. I am on well water and feel even better about the water I drink. This filter system cost less than a quality filter faucet - plus you don't have to drill another hole in your counter top! Best yet, you get the full water flow of your main kitchen faucet, which is likely much better than a filter faucet water flow. Now everything is filtered through the cold side of your faucet. Fill pots for cooking with quality water. Rinse veggies with quality water. No worry about "wasting" filtered water. You can use up to 27 gallons PER DAY (for 365 days) and you will not go over the 10,000 filter lifetime in a full year. Keep in mind, if you have a high degree of particulate in your water, the filter may have to be changed more frequently. You will be able to tell if you need a new filter when the water flow is noticeably decreasing.

Made in the USA – enjoy a truly high quality product, no smell, no BPA or phthalates Change the filter just once per year, and in many cases up to every 3-4 years! – easy twist-and-click to change it (takes 3 seconds!) Quick and easy install in under 5 minutes – watch the installation video below. No more buying, lugging, and storing bottled water – save over $2,000 per year! Enjoy delicious, odor-free water straight from your sink – incredibly convenient No drilling holes and no extra/second faucets. This filter even filters out prescription drugs! (Update Nov 2021 - My parents and I are going on over 4 1/2 years on our original filters with no sign of needing replacements)

If you already have or are considering Reverse Osmosis for drinking water... Please Read this quote from the World Health Organization: “Demineralised water that has not been remineralized, or low-mineral content water – in the light of the absence or substantial lack of essential minerals in it – is not considered ideal drinking water, and therefore, its regular consumption may not be providing adequate levels of some beneficial nutrients.” Read entire article >>>


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EWS SS-2.5 Essential Max Flow Under sink water filtration for main water faucet - In stock for fast shipping

Essential Max Flow SS 2.5 Replacement Filter - In stock for fast shipping.
Let's do a little math... If you take the popular Waterstone Filter faucet, model 1200C in a premium finish (most of what is ordered is a premium finish), the cost is about $450. Add to that, the cost of the Waterstone filter system (rated at only 1,000 gallons instead of 10,000 gallons) at roughly $300.00 The total cost is $750.00 - verses $379 for the EWS filter - an initial savings of $371. Waterstone replacement filters are roughly $110.00. In the lifetime of one EWS filter, you will spend an additional $1,100 on filters from Waterstone (or most other companies). The savings over a few years is staggering.