Do you have a crack in the granite in front of your kitchen sink?
Two huge cracks in this clients' granite top almost forced owner to replace entire kitchen granite at a cost of well over $15,000!

For two years, homeowners Shari and William had been looking for a way to deal with two huge and growing cracks. One in front of their sink, and one behind the sink. For two years, they were told the only solution was to replace the granite. Replacing the granite would have been a huge project. Not only were the counter tops granite, but the granite ran up the walls to the bottom of the cabinets. That solution would have been, not only expensive, but one unholy mess! In Shari's ongoing search for solutions, she stumbled upon my website. She called me. I was instantly intrigued. I love a challenge, especially since everyone else said there was no solution other than to replace all of the granite. This is just one of hundreds of similar solutions I have provided clients over the past 19 years. There are many design options available depending on your unique situation. Email me photos and call me for solution ideas. I can build these sinks in stainless or copper. So far, there hasn't been a crack that I couldn't fix. Generally, this is a one day project! By the way, I can likely have someone in your area that can do the granite cutting necessary!

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The first thing I did is ask Shari to send me photos of the kitchen, marking in blue tape where the start and end of the cracks were. Having been a kitchen designer and remodelor, I knew that the granite would have to be cut beyond the cracked area or the cracks would have the potential for reappearing.
This is the photo she sent that shows the issue the best.

As you can see, when clicking on the photo, the granite is cracked in front and in back of the sink. Not only that, the granite cracks run far beyond the sink base area on the right. Oh, I forgot to mention - Shari wanted an apron front sink! After pondering a minute, I asked for a photo showing the fronts of the cabinets. This is what she sent...
As we said back in school... "time to put the thinking cap on!" I told Shari I wanted to think about a solution over night. Well, I came up with a solution. I told Shari to stand by, as I was not able to explain the solution over the phone. I thought the only way I could convey my idea was by using Photoshop to illustrate the fix for the problem. The design involved my patented apron front channel, so the apron could slip over her existing cabinet without any cutting. The apron was modified on the right side to extend over and to the right side of the tall cabinet adjacent to the sink base. Over that cabinet, I designed a drain board. I sent her this image of my idea...

Shari and I spent some time together on the phone gathering appropriate dimensions and I came up with a drawing for her sink. The drawing took me quite some time. I had to make sure everything fit perfectly. You can see her sink in the top right video during construction.
I had Shari carefully double check dimensions, then asked her to approve the drawing for production. She approved the drawings on January 18, 2016. On January 30, I sent her this photo of the sink completed in the factory, ready for patina.
On February 3, we shipped the sink. I took a photo prior to shipping and emailed it to Shari.
So, when you are shopping for a sink, remember... I don't just sell sinks! I sell my experience, my design ability, my time, and my compassion for what I do. Finished photos below.

We are able to build these sinks in three types of stainless too! Call me to discuss your unique situation. I am sure I can come up with a resolution for you. 407-880-6903