InvisaCook, the invisible cook-top and the most innovative appliance since the invention of the microwave.
Rachiele Custom Sinks is pleased to introduce Invisacook, a wonderful American appliance, to our past, current and future clients.

Yes, you can now have a cooktop without sacrificing counter space. Easy installation, faster and more efficient cooking. Precise control over temperatures and boils water twice as fast as conventional cook tops. Call us for information and introductory pricing.
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We are available 7 days a week at 407-880-6903.

We are offering the single, double and four burner cooktops. We can ship throughout the USA. Lead time is 2-3 weeks. The single and double burner units operate on 110v and uses less than 8 amps when operating. The 4 burner unit requires 220v. Call or email us for more information. 407-880-6903

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