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We are proud to build our sinks using American Type 316L Marine/Medical Grade Stainless. This is the highest quality stainless on the market. Read the long list of benefits below. If you return samples, we will credit you back all but $10 for the shipping. (Example; If you order 4 @$100 and return them in reusable condition, we will refund $90. (Scroll down to order)
All of our stainless is made in the USA. We have regular certifications that indicate the purity and the fact it is domestic.

Order 6" by 6" Stainless Steel Samples Here

Keep in mind, do you really need brushed samples? They are just like the standard brushed sinks and appliances out there. The Hand Finished has a random pattern instead of a linear pattern (like brushed) and looks great with the stainless appliances. Your order will go out via Priority USPS or UPS the same day as ordered if at all possible.

Stainless Steel Samples
RM - Hand Finished ($25.00 )
RH - Hand Finished Hammered ($25.00 )
MA - Millennia ($25.00 )
BS - Brushed Stainless ($25.00 )
BH - Brushed Hammered ($25.00 )
Ship outside of the U.S. - checked ($25.00 )
tight radius corner options on custom stainless sinks Internal vertical corners will be welded and finished and will not have have unfinished butt joints in the vertical corners like all other custom stainless sinks.. Standard is our exclusive Micro-Weld and optional is our 1/8" radii corners. These options are only available on our hand finished and brushed stainless sinks..

Your Benefits in investing in a Rachiele® 316L Marine/Medical Grade Stainless:
  1. Superior Corrosion Resistance
  2. Greater Resistance to Chemical Attack
  3. Considerably more Resistant to Acid Solutions, Chlorides, Bromides, Iodides and Fatty Acids at High Temperatures.
  4. Type 316 Contains Molybdenum and is Required in the Manufacturing of Certain Pharmaceuticals in Order to Avoid Excessive Metallic Contamination.
  5. Medical tools and some Implants are made of 316 Stainless due - often referred to as Surgical Stainless Steel due to its Resistance to Harsh Corrosion.
  6. Maximum Resistance to Pitting (Type 304 will Pit when Exposed to a Mixture of Copper, Salt and Vinegar)
  7. Prevents Sitting Water and or Soap from Staining (This is a huge benefit)
  8. Resistant to Chlorine (You should never put Bleach in ANY type 304 sink! - just Google this, you will see this is a Fact!) Use Bleach safely in your Rachiele™ sink.
  9. Can be Used in an Outdoor Installation without Worry.
  10. It Does not React to the Alkalis and Acids found in Milk, Cooked Foods, Vegetables, and Food Additives
  11. Homes in Coastal Areas with Salt in the Air will Benefit from Type 316 Stainless - no Fear of Rusting or Corroding.
  12. Exclusive MicroWeld interior corners as standard. No other company has the capability!
  13. Optional: Vertical corners have a nice 1/8" radius welded and finished corner instead of a true zero radius corner. Unique to Rachiele™ as a custom sink manufacturer.
brushed hammered  stainless steel farmhouse sink Brushed Hammered will have an extended lead time due to the complexity of building and finishing that material

Brushed Type 316L Marine/Medical Grade #4 finish Domestic 16 gauge

This is the typical stainless finish you see on many sinks and most stainless appliances. Easy to scratch, difficult to repair scratches. For that reason, this is the most labor intensive stainless for us to work with - hence a higher premium. This type of stainless will be built with butt joints.
After a while, scratches blend and form a nice uniform patina. This type of stainless can be hammered if you like. I think that option looks terrific.

Rachiele textured stainless steel farmhouse sink Past customers have told me their several year old sinks look virtually new.

Millennia 16 gauge type 316L Marine/Medical Grade (exclusive to Rachiele sinks)

Benefits: Does a great job at hiding scratches and water spots. Easiest to care for. Millennia is a textured stainless steel that has been quite popular. FYI, this material is much more expensive than copper. It's worth it though! I have one in my home that is 16 years old and it looks new! If you have a contemporary or eclectic look in your home. this will be a gorgeous addition. This type of stainless will be built with butt joints. Top mount sinks will show weld areas where we do our best to camouflage the welds. Our customers have found the weld finishing to be quite acceptable. By the way, the name Millennia came from the date when I first started offering this type of stainless - 2000.

Hand Finished type 316L Marine/Medical Grade 16 gauge domestic stainless (Most Popular) 95% of our orders!

Nothing is worse than getting a scratch on the front of a brushed stainless farmhouse sink. There is no easy fix. In fact, if you try, you will likely make matters worse. The same goes for the inside of a brushed stainless sink. I came up with this finish to solve those issues. When you scratch this stainless finish, it is simple to remove the scratch at home and blend in the finish to look much like the original finish. In fact, the process is exceptionally fast if you order a Hand Hammered Hand Finished sink. We have very sophisticated finishing techniques that allow us to offer small radii corners instead of butt joints with our exclusive MicroWeld technique. We are the only custom company doing this. In case you were wondering, this finish looks great along side your stainless appliances.

hand finished Matte Hand Finished custom stainless sink My Exclusive NexGen design in Hand Finished Stainless.
Dual tier workstation sink alternative to The Galley Sink My Exclusive NexGen Series design in Hand Finished Hammered Stainless
We buy unfinished stainless and apply our own finish by hand - the last step we apply a hand rubbed finish using a red Scotch Brite pad to achieve a soft beautiful look on the stainless steel. Just buff out minor scratches and blend in with the original finish using the Scotch Brite pad we send along with every sink. This type of stainless can be hammered. It is easily my favorite look as far as stainless goes.

A short video showing how to care for your Hand Finished Stainless Sink