Retrofit Stainless Steel Farmhouse apron front sinks for use with existing cabinetry. Patented and Copyrighted Design by Dino Rachiele 316L Stainless Sink

There is no easier way to put an apron (farmstyle) sink in existing cabinetry! No need to cut your cabinets. We can even do this using existing counter tops as a top mount retrofit sink. Best yet, we handcraft these sinks using Domestic 16 gauge 316L Marine/Medical Grade Stainless Steel. The finest Stainless available.

Read about the value of 316L Marine Grade Stainless. See Prices

If you are looking for an apron front sink and you are replacing your countertops and keeping your cabinetry, I have the answer. Prior to manufacturing sinks, I was a kitchen designer. I came up with this idea about 16 years ago to solve a problem I ran into all the time when remodeling kitchens. Many families are just upgrading their kitchens by replacing countertops and appliances, but are keeping their cabinetry. Many would like an apron front sink. Until my idea, this was not possible. A one inch channel behind a shorter apron solved the problem. Everything is custom to your particular situation. The apron height will be basically the same height as the false drawer on your sink cabinet. The sink can be much deeper, as it falls behind the face frame of the cabinet. I can do this either as an under mount or a top mount sink (if you are just replacing a sink and want to keep your countertops.) Click on the below snip I grabbed off of Facebook. Their sink was one of our top mount retrofit farm sinks.

We can likely help you find a great local granite fabricator to do the work for you. This should be an easy one-day project. I will personally walk you through the entire process to insure your project goes smoothly.

The video to the left explains the process

The photo to the left was a replacement of an existing double bowl cast iron sink. I was able to design a lightly hammered apron front workstation stainless farm sink that fit perfectly

I have patented design options for replacing an under mount sink with a farmhouse sink without removing the granite. Small cuts are made in the granite, the cabinetry is not disturbed. The process can be accomplished in a short day. Call me to discuss options.


Take a look at these videos to see how simple this design makes an installation.

If you would like to see how we can take care of cracks in the granite around your sink, we have a solution that does not require replacing the granite. See how we deal with cracks in a granite top.

Retrofit Stainless Apron Sinks - patented design by  Dino Rachiele I hope you will consider joining our family of custom sink owners. I look forward to working with you.

We can also produce this wonderful sink in our Millennia Textured stainless steel. This material helps to hide scratches and water spots.

This is a very custom top mount partial apron sink with a drainboard on the left (covered by the grid in the photo). If you can dream it, we can build it.

Below see a retrofit farmhouse sink with a rear deck for faucets and an integral backsplash. This sink replaced a top mount sink.