Custom Stainless Steel Workstation Undermount Sinks

Hand-crafted Type 316L Domestic Medical/Marine Grade Stainless - the Finest Grade of Stainless Available

Next Genteration Workstation under mount stainless kitchen sink 36" Hand Hammered Hand-Finished type 316L Stainless NexGen™ Sink.

NexGen™ is the next generation in workstation sinks. Copywrited exclusive design.

This is the most advanced workstation kitchen sink design on the market and will outperform any other sink - period!


Up until now, workstation sinks (including my Signature Series) had a "step" that held up the accessories. My new innovative design removes the step and introduces a small ledge. The sink width remains the same at the bottom as the top. This innovation gives the user an extra inch of front to back space in the sink with this option. My design gives 34 square inches of additional space inside a 36" sink. Best yet, our drain grid will bypass the interior ledges and sit on the bottom of the sink so you can wash on the right and set off on the grid on the left. You just might fit your outdoor grill inside the sink! Check out the accessories shown in our bronze NexGen™ sink in the video. They are all available in our stainless workstation sinks. .See all of our workstation sinks here.

Every stainless sink we make is custom designed with me, Dino Rachiele, to suit your handedness, height and style of cooking!

I offer three very different types of stainless steel for our sinks. First, we have the traditional brushed stainless. Secondly, I have a custom finished stainless called Hand-Finished (Super easy care). Thirdly, I have Millennia - a stainless with an embossed pattern that hides scratches and water spots. My Original Signature Series Workstation Sink Architecture, with steps to support drain grids and cutting boards are designed so you can do all of your food preparation on the sink instead of on the countertop. Click on the image below (left) to see a custom 48" NexGen™ Series, Hand-Finished Stainless sink with several accessories (outdated grid and sponge caddy design). Below middle, is a Millennia Signature Series under mount sink with an offset drain and a Waterstone Gantry Faucet suite. To the right is a 42" stainless undermount NexGen™ Workstation sink shown with a 15" grid.

hand hammered stainless workstation kitchen sink Hand Finished and hand hammered 316L Marine Grade Stainless. There is no easier type of sink to care for. This sink should look new decades from now with very minimal care.
scratch resistant stainless steel sink Millennia undermount sink with Waterstone Gantry faucet suite.
42 inch stainless steel undermount sink NexGen™ undermount stainless sink. All of our stainless sinks are custom made to fit your lifestyle, handedness, height and the way you prepare meals and clean up!


workstation sink will fit half sheet pan and cutting board We have an option to fit a half sheet pan on the top tier of all workstation sinks!
dual tier workstation welded corner close up photo "My last sink had zero radius corners and they were difficult to clean. My new Paragon sink corners are very easy to clean. Nicole S."
dual tier farmhouse workstation stainless undermount sink 54" hand finished stainless dual tier farm sink. Paragon is the ultimate dual tier sink for those who appreciate the best.

Our standard stainless sinks will have a micro-weld in the vertical corners. This is an exclusive technique to our company. I have invested in sophisticated equipment and the finest craftsman to allow this type of premium work.

See how easy it is to care for our Hand-Finished Stainless Steel

Check out this video of Norman, our lead welder.


Click on the photo to the right>>> This is just one example of the difference between the quality standards of a Rachiele® sink and most others. The retail price on this Franke PKX11028 28 3/4" sink is $2399. (October 2018) What other "Luxury Brands" pass off as first quality would be put in our scrap bin. We would not even sell a sink with that much of a defect as a second at any price. As a matter of fact, we had a sink with a defect so small that 99% of the homeowners would never notice it. Not only did we build another for that customer, we did not sell the defective one. Nothing leaves here that is not the absolute best work we are able to provide.

A side note...
I have been told that a great deal of stainless sinks are being imported from China. I am very careful about making comments where I do not have first hand knowledge, therefore, I will let you know that the following information was gleaned from a friend in our industry. He told me that he thought he could make "a ton" of money selling stainless sinks that he was importing from China. He showed me photos and his cost. I was shocked at how nice the sinks looked and the low price he was getting them for. About 8 months later, he called me and said he had to stop selling the sinks, as he was getting numerous calls from his customers complaining of rust inside the sinks. Moral of this story...Make sure you know where your sink is made and what kind of warranty you will get.