What you should know before investing in a kitchen sink!

If you are considering a copper sink, do yourself a favor and read through this information.

There is so much misleading information or (well-hidden) information on many websites that it makes my head spin. Please do not take my word for what you read here. Google it! There is no worse feeling than installing a gorgeous copper sink only to find it is a nightmare a year or two down the road. We have replaced countless imported sinks over our 20 year history. I highly doubt anyone has replaced one of ours with an import. We have hundreds of 5 star online testimonials and likely over 2,000 email testimonials on my computer. Replacing a sink is not fun, nor is it inexpensive. My suggestion is to do your homework and if you cannot afford an American made copper sink, consider another material.

If you are considering remodeling or building a new kitchen, look at #13 below.

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  • 2. Are They Kidding LOL?
  • 3. The History of the Kitchen Sink
  • 4. Ideal Kitchen Sink Depth
  • 5. Videos - Copper Sink Use and Care